Expert Health and Safety Consulting Services

IHS® provides expert health and safety consulting services. With extensive experience developing, implementing and managing health and safety initiatives, IHS® provides a wide range of strategically oriented solutions. 

Data Science

Apply technology to achieve successful environmental, health and safety goals and empower action.

EH&S Management

Help incorporate processes that support a highly functional EHS culture and ensure regulatory compliance. And, Oversee the implementation of predictive risk assessment tools to ensure an objective return on investment

Industrial Hygiene

Exceptional chemical, biological and radiation risk management strategies compatible with risk tolerance. 


Working with biological materials presents unique challenges. IHS can help assess your biological material risk.

Radiation Safety

IHS® can help your organization navigate the complex safety and regulatory responsibilities associated with radioactive material use.

Sound Safety

IHS® is expert in hearing conservation, and can help solve almost any percussive physics related issue/s.