Expert Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) Consulting Services

IHS® provides expert health, safety and environment (HSE) consulting services. With extensive experience developing, implementing and managing HSE programs, IHS® provides a wide range of strategically oriented solutions.


Result-oriented Industrial Hygienist with over twenty (20) years of wide-ranging experience in the fields of health & safety, data science, and the environment. Board certified by the American Board of Industrial Hygiene (ABIH) with extensive experience in the areas of:

General HSE Management · Data Science · Chemical Safety · Biological Safety · Radiation Safety

Data Science

Data, analytics and reporting are critical to managing HSE within any organization. Full-stack development experience (including extensive python, unstructured data, and JavaScript front end deployments).

EH&S Management

IHS® can help you implement a comprehensive Health, Safety and/or Environmental Management System.

Industrial Hygiene

IHS can conduct both qualitative and quantitative assessments that will enable the mitigation of hazard/s.


Working with biological materials presents unique challenges. IHS can help assess your biological material risk.

Radiation Safety

IHS® can help your organization navigate the complex safety and regulatory responsibilities associated with radioactive material use.

Sound Safety

IHS® is expert in hearing conservation, and can help solve almost any percussive physics related issue/s.