Expert Environmental Health and Safety Consulting

IHS® provides expert environmental health and safety consulting services. With extensive experience developing, implementing and managing EH&S programs, IHS® provides a wide range of strategically oriented solutions.


Result oriented Industrial Hygienist with over twenty (20) years of wide-ranging experience in the field of environmental, health and safety. Board certified by the American Board of Industrial Hygiene (ABIH) with extensive experience in the areas of:

General EHS Management · EHS Data Science · Chemical Safety · Biological Safety · Radiation Safety

IHS® can help your organization reduce EH&S related business risk. By reducing the risk associated with the causes of EH&S incidents, your organization can save directly on insurance, workers compensation costs and regulatory fees.

EHS Data Science

Data, analytics and reporting are critical to managing EH&S within any organization.

EH&S Management

IHS® can help you implement a comprehensive Environment, Health and Safety Management System.

Industrial Hygiene

Whether its assistance in meeting regulatory requirements or a desire to use proactive leading indicators, IHS can conduct both qualitative and quantitative assessments that will enable the mitigation of hazards.


Working with biological materials presents some unique challenges. IHS can help ensure your organization is appropriately addressing risks.

Radiation Safety

IHS® can provide comprehensive consulting support to aid your organization in the navigation of the complex safety and regulatory challenges associated with working with radioactive materials.

Sound Safety

IHS® is expert in hearing conservation and can help solve almost any sound related issues.


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